What Price Paradise?

 by Alan M. Brooker

What Price Paradise? by Alan M. Brooker book cover
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New Zealand finds itself in the grip of a political disaster as a series of bitter conflicts between workers and management shatters the traditional tranquility and stability of the South Pacific paradise. Soon, the conflict escalates into violence and mayhem while the government vacillates.

But a lone voice of reason and hope rises in the wilderness. When MP Jacquiline Sterling airs her objections to the horrendous situation, this puts her offside with the Finance Minister's supporters. And worse, it also makes her the target for ruthless killers who plot to silence her in the name of progress.

A land in the grip of a political and industrial nightmare with politicians paying homage to greed, fighting for control over their vested interests and not the good of the people? Criminal elements from other countries eagerly joining the fracas and destroying innocent lives in the resulting conflagration?

An impossible scenario? Not as impossible as it might seem...but what price might one pay for paradise?


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