At The Foot of The Southern Cross

 by Dick Gentry

At The Foot of The Southern Cross by Dick Gentry book cover
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Memoir of an American Editor offshore in the The Cayman Islands; part compelling personal reminiscence, part historical account, this is an important contribution to the history of the Caymans in the mid-twentieth century.

At The Foot of The Southern Cross is rightly called a memoir, but it is also an anthology of history, frustration, money and adventure in a foreign country. Mr. Gentry was unprepared for the reception he received when he took over as editor of The Cayman Islands' only newspaper. In the beginning, Dick did not know what he was doing. He was battered like a pebble in an empty Coke bottle bouncing against the Iron Shore...

'This is a small story I wrote for myself because I wanted to remember it. When someone asked me what it was like down there, I told them to read Don't Stop the Carnival by Herman Wouk. That was fiction; my story is true.'


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