Challenge of the Sea

 by Yocky Lol Gilson

Challenge of the Sea by Yocky Lol Gilson book cover
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"Is it possible for me," asks the author, "a fisherman all my working life, to tell and capture the excitement of so many wonderful, dangerous, exciting, funny, and most unlikely happenings over fifty years connected with the sea and fishing?"

It most certainly is-and here's the memoir to prove it.

Often working several times round the clock as tide dictated, these fisherman families set out in their small boats to bring in the catch at times all Great Britain depended: plaice, turbot, skate, cod, sole-even shrimp and lobster. They cheerfully face bad weather, mechanical emergencies, a displaced circus sea lion, and close encounters in the English Channel with the massive skeletons of sunken ships from World War II, their cargo of missiles as yet un-exploded...


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