Crimson Imjin Korea 1951

 by Robert W. Ryan

Crimson Imjin Korea 1951 by Robert W. Ryan book cover
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The eyes of a soldier see no future, no love, only death. At the Crimson River's edge, Crossing, submerged to the chest, Weapon held high. Is this the morning I'm going to die? Why?

Crimson Imjin Korea 1951 , the symbolic title chosen for this book, was influenced by the bloodshed by both sides during heavy fighting occurring in the hills bordering the shores of the Imjin River in North Korea.

I didn't intend to have this book published, as it was written strictly as a means to alleviate the nightmarish combat memories that surfaced during the Vietnam War and continued into the nineties.

Vietnam had unleashed the horror and hopeless situations that I thought were buried away forever. With God's loving presence guiding my fingers over the keyboard, rewarding me with His comforting peace of mind, I believe He freed me once and for all from the fear and furor of combat.


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