Do The Birds Still Sing In Hell?

 by Horace 'Jim' Greasley, Ken Scott and Carol Cole

Do The Birds Still Sing In Hell? by Horace 'Jim' Greasley, Ken Scott and Carol Cole book cover
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This is a truly gripping and heart-rending story of a young British soldier's incredible spirit and determination to survive the inhumanity and degradation of German POW camps and the liberation of Europe in WW2. While still a prisoner, 'Jim' dares to lust after a young Silesian female interpreter called Rosa and somehow manages to make love to her within feet of his German captors - initially, just to spite them. But as their lust evolves into a passionate love affair, it forces them both to risk their lives constantly as he routinely manages to escape just to be with Rosa and to facilitate their joint efforts to smuggle radio parts and extra life-saving food into the camp to share with his fellow prisoners.
A very well told story that I recommend highly.


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