A View from the Roof

 by Dr Calvin Mackie PhD

A View from the Roof by Dr Calvin Mackie PhD book cover
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In A View from the Roof-Lessons for Life & Business, Presidential award-winning speaker Dr. Calvin Mackie offers a virtual BlackberryTM of lessons that will inspire and direct your life to greatness. Through a slideshow of poignant vignettes and laugh-at-loud anecdotes, Dr. Mackie highlights the practical wisdom of his father, Willie Mackie Sr. the uneducated sharecropper's son who built a thriving roofing business of 100 employees with a truck, a ladder, and a whole lot of attitude. From the hot gable rooftops of New Orleans to the set of a Spike Lee film, this book explores the extraordinary journey of the Mackie men and leaves you with a view you'll remember forever!


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