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eBooks about subject Persons whose last name begins with the letter A.

Grace is Enough

Grace is Enough book cover

While actor Willie Aames (Eight Is Enough, Charles in Charge) was at the peak of Hollywood success, his future wife, Maylo Upton, was a teenage runaway, eating...


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Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad book cover

This book explores the factors that have made Ahmadinejad who he is, and it will explore the effect he is having on Iran and the Middle East and the possible...


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Taming the Tiger

Taming the Tiger book cover

This fast-paced, compelling, and chilling account is the deeply moving story of a three-time Kung Fu World Champion. With fascinating insight into the traditions of...


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A Prescription For Peace

A Prescription For Peace book cover

This book, authored by Sir Michael Douglas Carlin, is dedicated to his close friend Sir Edward A. Artis - a noble man, Ambassador of Peace and Servant to Humanity.


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