Around The World On Two Wheels: Annie Londonderry's Extraordinary Ride

 by Peter Zheutlin

Around The World On Two Wheels: Annie Londonderry's Extraordinary Ride by Peter Zheutlin book cover
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"Peter Zheutlin's thoroughly researched account will make you wish you'd been around to catch a glimpse of the extraordinary woman as she went wheeling by."-Bill Littlefield, National Public Radio's Only A Game

Until 1894 there were no female sport stars, no product endorsement deals, and no young mothers with the chutzpah to circle the globe on a bicycle. Annie Londonderry changed all of that.

When Annie left Boston in June of that year, she was a brash young lady with a 42-pound bicycle, a revolver, a change of underwear, and a dream of freedom. She was also a feisty mother of three who had become the center of what one newspaper called "one of the most novel wagers ever made": a high-stakes bet between two wealthy merchants that a woman could not ride around the world on a bicycle. The epic journey that followed took the connection between athletics and commercialism to dizzying new heights, and turned Annie Londonderry into a symbol of women's equality.

A vastly entertaining blend of social history, high adventure, and maverick marketing, Around the World on Two Wheels is an unforgettable portrait of courage, imagination, and tenacity.

"Annie was a remarkable woman and well worth getting to know."- Booklist

"A wonderful telling of one of the most intriguing, offbeat, and until now, lost chapters in the history of cycling."-David Herlihy, author of Bicycle: The History

"A pleasant, affectionate portrait of a free spirit who pedaled her way out of Victorian constraints." -- Kirkus Reviews

"[A] charming and informative book." -- Cape Cod Times

"[An] incredible story...[a] fascinating book." -- NextReads

"[A] stirring tale...not only a must read, but a must have." -- Western Writers of America Roundup Magazine

"[A] remarkable saga." -- The Winston-Salem (NC) Journal

"[R]ead[s] a novel." -- The Columbia (SC) State

"[M]eticulously researched...illuminat[es] the feeling of a bygone era." -- The Portsmouth (NH) Wire


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