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Cafe At The Edge Of Outer Space

Cafe At The Edge Of Outer Space book cover

In the distant future, our overpopulated planet requires all sixteen year olds to undertake a ten-year exile as a rite of passage. Paired with a mate on the...


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Price: £1.45

Charlie Runs Rings Around the Earth

Charlie Runs Rings Around the Earth book cover

Charlie has spent his entire life running, but he can't outrun himself.Celebrity athlete, Charlie Thorpe-Campbell is living out his family legacy of being among...


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Price: £2.49

The Elemental Crossing

The Elemental Crossing book cover

'The Elemental Crossing' is the exciting sequel to Robert Appleton's 'The Eleven-Hour Fall'. After their hard-won escape from...


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Price: £2.39

The Eleven Hour Fall

The Eleven Hour Fall book cover

For survival.on a mysterious planet light years from home. With the man of her dreams unconscious in her arms, astronaut Kate Borrowdale must escape the...


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Price: £2.09