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A Devious Halloween Scheme

A Devious Halloween Scheme book cover

It's Halloween and Cassie Clark and Maddy Roberts have a little trick in mind for their single parents. The two little girls are just sure that if they can get Cam Clark and Kimberly Roberts...


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Price: £1.39

Across Time

Across Time book cover

Corri Dunn's mission to distant Adhara VII begins on a downhill slide. Not only have her superiors withheld vital information, her ex-lover, Devin Tremaine, knows what it is...


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Price: £3.69

Dark Side of the Moon

Dark Side of the Moon book cover

Roswell wasn't the only place where aliens landed. The Kryszka build a city under Philadelphia's sewers where their leader Eigil secretly plots to show humanity...


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Price: £3.79

Flight of the Sparrows

Flight of the Sparrows book cover

Quill hits the jackpot according to Liam and Kevin, when he hacks into secret files detailing joint, clandestine operations between American and British forces. The information...


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Price: £4.09

Hell's Reach

Hell's Reach book cover

A retired widower discovers a hole in the woods that has strange mind-bending properties...


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Price: £0.60

When Darkness Falls

When Darkness Falls book cover

The camping trip of a lifetime! When Marty and his friends meet Allison and her friends, it doesn't seem their recreation can get much better. But the woods hold a...


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Price: £1.19