A Star Discovered

 by JoAnn S. Dawson

A Star Discovered by JoAnn S. Dawson book cover
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Part of the award-winning Lucky Foot Stable series, recipient of three "Book of the Year" National Awards!

Life at the Lucky Foot Stable has been going smoothly for epic friends Mary and Jody. Their ponies Lady and Gypsy are doing well and the girls are working hard to get Lady's foal, Star of Wonder, ready for his yearling classes and his very first horse show. All of this changes in an instant when a mysterious man shows up and says that he is going to take Star away. And the worst part is: he might have the right to do it!

What will happen to Mary and Jody without their new favorite foal? Can Willie save the day?

"Combines adventure with valuable lessons on life and friendship. Dawson has created believable characters with a love of horses."

--The Equiery

"Anyone who enjoys a great tale of horses and youth will find this a fascinating read. This most entertaining story moves swiftly while dealing with some very real issues."

--Ellie Mencer, Lockhouse to Lighthouse Magazine


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