Barney and the Double Chocolate Fudge Cake

 by Mary Kurek

Barney and the Double Chocolate Fudge Cake by Mary Kurek book cover
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Barney is a ratty little pup that came to live with Zak and his family through an animal rescue agency. Zak is Barney's very best human friend, and even though Zak is just a boy, he finds himself always smack in the middle of Barney's latest trouble-making. In this episode, Zak's Mom makes a special dessert for a dinner party that proves just a bit too tempting for Barney. Zak's fear over losing Barney causes him to lie. All ends well when the family realizes that together they can take steps to help Barney remain part of the family.

Barney & Zak is a series of short stories that introduces readers to Barney as a mischievous pup, then follows his growing up, as the boy Zak grows. Each story contains a learning message that helps a youngster understand responsibility, good citizenship, and family values.


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