Acacia Faye and the Trouble Tornado

 by Tracy Feldman

Acacia Faye and the Trouble Tornado by Tracy Feldman book cover
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Acacia, a beautiful enchantress, finds herself lost in the mysterious land of "Lonely Waterfalls," where she has been stranded for years. The only way she can pass the time is by singing, desperately hoping that someone will hear her and rescue her from the entrancing waterfalls that hold her captive.

She had neglected her studies while in fairy school but was talented, nonetheless. Now her only hope depends on the helpful nature of whidderbugs. These elusive, dragonfly-like creatures help those who are in need, and they hold the secret Acacia needs to escape from isolation.

The humorous nature of whidderbugs keeps Acacia in the dark about the key to her freedom. Will she be able to decode their cryptic advice and once again prove the strength of her magical powers?


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