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'Twas the Day Before Zoo Day

'Twas the Day Before Zoo Day book cover

This delightful adaptation of 'Twas the Night Before Christmas, shares zoo keeper and animal preparations for the upcoming "Zoo Day." But things aren't going... .


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Price: £3.89

A Day In The Salt Marsh

A Day In The Salt Marsh book cover

Enjoy A Day in the Salt Marsh, one of the most dynamic habitats on earth. Fun-to-read, rhyming verse introduces readers to hourly changes in the marsh as the tide comes...


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Price: £3.89

A Star Discovered

A Star Discovered book cover

Part of the award-winning Lucky Foot Stable series, recipient of three 'Book of the Year' National Awards! Life at the Lucky Foot Stable has been going smoothly...


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Price: £3.29

Acacia Faye and the Trouble Tornado

Acacia Faye and the Trouble Tornado book cover

Acacia, a beautiful enchantress, finds herself lost in the mysterious land of "Lonely Waterfalls," where she has been stranded for years. The only way she can...


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Price: £7.99

Almost Perfect

Almost Perfect book cover

It's a summer when nothing seems to be going right for 10-year-old Molly Harter and her friends. Together, they try to make things just a little more perfect...


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Price: £3.19

Amanda in Arabia: The Perfume Flask

Amanda in Arabia: The Perfume Flask book cover

Amanda Ross is your average twelve year old Canadian girl. So what is she doing thousands of kilometres from home in the United Arab Emirates? It's her own fault...


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Price: £2.89

Amusement Park Sabotage

Amusement Park Sabotage book cover

Twelve-year-old cousins, Peg and Korky can't think of anything better than to spend their summer at the Wellborn Amusement Park in their hometown of Redmond...


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Price: £2.49

Amy's Magic Christmas

Amy's Magic Christmas book cover

Amy is only ten years old, and yet she feels driven to find employment to help her family. It is a surprise to her to find out she is too young to work. When she is lucky...


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Price: £2.39

Animals Are Sleeping

Animals Are Sleeping book cover

Just how do animals sleep in the wild? Some animals sleep standing up, others even sleep while swimming or flying! The short, lyrical text provides fascinating...


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Price: £3.99

Arabic Tales for the Young and the Curious - Book I

Arabic Tales for the Young and the Curious - Book I book cover

Six enthralling stories - a farmer who understands the language of animals, old men whose broken hearts prevent them from smiling, the strange ways in which dreams...


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Price: £2.89

Barney and the Double Chocolate Fudge Cake

Barney and the Double Chocolate Fudge Cake book cover

Barney is a ratty little pup that came to live with Zak and his family through an animal rescue agency. Zak is Barney's very best human friend, and even though Zak is...


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Price: £1.19

Birdy Bird and the Plane

Birdy Bird and the Plane book cover

Birdy Bird and the Plane is unlike any other kids' storybook of its kind and is meant to get kids' usually low attention level of flight and birds to a higher...


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Price: £2.59

Blackberry Banquet

Blackberry Banquet book cover

Mmm-mm! Forest animals squeak, tweet, slurp, yip and chomp over the sweet, plump fruit of a wild blackberry bush. But what happens when a bear arrives to take...


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Price: £3.99

Blinky Bill

Blinky Bill book cover

While telling the adventures of Blinky Bill, a naughty little boy in the form of a koala, the stories also present messages of conservation. Blinky Bill is...


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Price: £2.09

Burro's Tortillas

Burro's Tortillas book cover

What do you get when you cross The Little Red Hen with a burro and his friends? Burro's Tortillas ! In this humorous Southwestern retelling of a childhood...


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Price: £3.99

Celtic Fairy Tales

Celtic Fairy Tales book cover

Joseph Jacobs's Celtic Fairy Tales is an important resource in the study of mythology. But more than that, each reading is full of new discoveries that will...


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Price: £1.39

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