Angel Island

 by Inez Haynes Gillmore

Angel Island by Inez Haynes Gillmore book cover
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Women With Wings And The Men Who Wanted To Clip Them!

When a group of shipwrecked sailors find an island of beautiful, naked women with wings -- they think they've found paradise. What the sailors don't realize is that they are the snake in the Garden of Eden. At first the sailors can't live without these beautiful goddesses and woo them ardently. But once they have married the winged women, the men can't live with the thought of their freedom of the air -- or that if mistreated, the women might all fly away and desert them. Soon the sailors hold a council and decide to clip their wives' wings, so they can never fly again! Be prepared for one of the most transformative twist-endings in the literature of fantasy and science fiction. Angel Island (1914) is at once an enthralling adventure and a timeless feminist fable, and a milestone in the development of modern science fiction. The Encyclopedia of SF says her novel "Angel Island conveys an almost surreal feminist message with considerable competence." Cover: Mia Jennings .


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