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The Classic Novel of Individualism - "The Ultimate Expression Of Ayn Rand's Philosophy!

In a future where all independence and individuality have been wiped out, and every one is allowed to live only for others, the word "I" has been forgotten - replaced with "we." Forgotten too are art, science, invention and achievement. Then in this grey, joyless world, one rebel, risking death, rediscovers the forgotten word - and with it, his own individuality. Anthem has been called "the most lyrical" of Ayn Rand's by her biographer Barbara Branden. "It has the beauty and cadence of a prose poem." If you have never discovered Ayn Rand's work, you owe it to yourself to read this astonishing novel."

Anthem is Ayn Rand's classic tale of a dark future age of the great 'We' - a world that deprives individuals of name, independence, and values. First released in England in 1938 and reedited for publication in the United States in 1946, a full decade before George Orwell's '1984,' this dystopian novel depicts a man who seeks escape from a society in which individuality has been utterly destroyed. Rand expertly shows how collectivism (including social programs in the United States) destroys freedom and individuality. Her philosophy is simple: 'planning' is a synonym for 'collectivism,' and 'collectivism' is a metaphor for communism and tyranny. This important book should be read by all who are concerned about the role of government in modern life.


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