Cosmic Slavers: Empire Of Evil #1

 by Robert Arnette

Cosmic Slavers: Empire Of Evil #1 by Robert Arnette book cover
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Before the Venusians Could Conquer the Solar System They First Needed to Kidnap Earth Women for Their Slave Pens! Blood and thunder science fiction from the glory days of the pulp magazines. "A blue Mercurian, arrogance in every line of his shell-covered body, was leading a white Earth-girl up the street. The Earth-girl was practically naked. She walked with head bent, shoulders drooping-a creature without hope. The rope around her slender waist, by which the Mercurian hauled her along, had raised a cruel, circular abrasion on her otherwise smooth brown skin." Ron Kratnick, agent for Earth Intelligence, had been told he would have to endure scenes like this without a blink if he was go go undercover and help smash Darrien, the alien Hitler who dreamed of ruling the nine worlds. And to recruit an army Darrien had made his troops a devilish promise. For he had discovered the one thing which would make the solar system's dregs fight like tigers possessed - the promise of Earth-women as their own property, to be used as they saw fit. Stopping him seemed like a hopeless task to Kratnick, until he found himself allied with a brainy Earthwoman captive, and a mysterious man whose motives were far from clear. Then Ron Kratnick knew he had a chance - if neither of his new found allies betrayed him!


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