The E. E. 'Doc' Smith Omnibus

 by E. E. Smith

The E. E. 'Doc' Smith Omnibus by E. E. Smith book cover
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The Skylark of Space; Skylark Three; Triplanetary.

The 3 Novels that Created Space Opera! Set off on the first science fiction voyage outside our solar system as Richard Seaton sets out to rescue his captured fiancee after a rogue scientist steals Seaton's unique spherical spaceship The Skylark. Then the enemies are forced to become allies when everyone becomes lost in an unfamiliar region of the galaxy and must fight their way back through primative planets and against alien fleets. As always with Smith, romance and action are equally mixed. The Seaton is forced back into action to stop a menace that threatens every civilized planet in the galaxy, but to do it he must create the greatest starship ever conceived. Finally read Triplanetary, the story that helped launch the Lensmen series. A brainy man and heroic woman fight against ruthless space pirates for life and love.


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