The First Barsoom Omnibus

 by Edgar Rice Burroughs

The First Barsoom Omnibus by Edgar Rice Burroughs book cover
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A Princess of Mars; The Gods of Mars; Warlord of Mars

Edgar Rice Burroughs' classic trilogy of Martian adventure. All three novels, complete and unabridged only $6.00! When John Carter is unexpectedly transported to the red planet, Mars, he finds himself prisoner of the cruel Green Men of Thark. Carter soon earns their respect for his bravery and skill with the sword, and wins a friend in Tars Tarkas of the Tharks.

As he struggles to gain his freedom and the love of Dejah Thoris, a fellow captive and princess of the great City of Helium, the fate of Mars hangs in the balance. Of course, Carter and the fiery Martian princess get off on the wrong foot, since Carter knows nothing about the culture of the red humanoid race, and are soon at odds with each other. Carter wants nothing more than to win her love. But before he does, he will have to battle his way across the red planet, earn himself a royal title, unravel the mysteries of the River Iss, the Goddess Isis, and the Black Pirates of Barsoom. The trilogy climaxes in an all out war between the forces of civilization on Mars and those of destruction that will determine the fate of Mars and the survival of every single person on the planet!

Cover: J. Allen St. John


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