The Forbidden Dream

 by Ross Rocklynne

The Forbidden Dream by Ross Rocklynne book cover
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Hallmeyer, Destroyer of Worlds #1

Golden Age Pulp Series by Nebula Nominee--First Time Ever in Book Form! For the first time since their original appearance in the legendary pulp Planet Stories in the early 1940s, here are the three novelettes that launched the adventures of Sidney Hallmeyer, interstellar agent--one of the era's most trail-blazing series. In essence, Hallmeyer is a scientific secret agent with a license to kill--entire cultures and worlds! If needed or if so ordered, when they stand in the way of Earth's territorial expansion and dream of empire. In fact, it is utopias Hallmeyer is most often instructed to terminate--with prejudice. In "Exiles of the Desert Star," for instance, his assignment, as the original magazine blurb announced, is "Murder. Murder among the asteroids. Hallmeyer had orders to transform small Elron's brisk atmosphere to krypton. It meant killing that last gallant handful of royal exiles as surely as if his hand held a ray-gun." Hallmeyer's charm and saving grace, and the surest sign of his creator's penetrant insight, is his conscience. For unlike, say, James Bond, and long before him, Hallmeyer is aware of the dubious nature of his profession. The Hallmeyer series was clearly cut from such contrapuntal cloth that it is easy to understand why it made a big stir in the science fiction world of the time. Yet, paradoxically, for all the series' fame and popularity, no Hallmeyer story has ever been reprinted. Thus this two volume eBook republication of this landmark series by Nebula nominee Ross Rocklynne is a major science fiction event.


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