The Heads of Cerberus

 by Francis Stevens

The Heads of Cerberus by Francis Stevens book cover
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The 1st Alternate Words Novel!

"A Much Sought Rarity" - Analog

Published only once in book form a half-century ago in a collector's edition of 1500 copies, this great science-fantasy sells for more than $100 today. Written by the woman whose pseudonym was Francis Stevens, it has been hailed as the first alternate history novel. . Fantasy master H. P. Lovecraft hailed Francis Stevens as among "the top grade of writers." "The Heads of Cerberus" tells of "an alternate-world Philadelphia, reached by a handful of this-world people. This Philadelphia is one in which the political corruptors have become ruthless autocrats, ruling through phony "civic service" competitions which result in cynically brutal enslavement of the people. The name of William Penn has become, under the organizational label of "Penn Service," the very fountainhead of viciously depraved, doctorial government. Definitely a classic and fun to read." (Galaxy)


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