Wreckers of the Star Patrol & Other Sci-Fi Adventures

 by Malcom Jameson

Wreckers of the Star Patrol & Other Sci-Fi Adventures by Malcom Jameson book cover
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Thoughtful Science Fiction Opera Classics

The first ever collection from the award-winning creator of Bullard. Wreckers of the Star Patrol gathers together four classic science fiction novelettes that have not appeared in print anywhere for almost a half century. Fans of Jameson's Bullard tales will love the short novel of space adventure, "Wreckers of the Star Patrol." "Sorcerer's Apprentice" is a delightful science fictional twist on a classic folktale. "Tricky Tonnage" is a bit darker in tone, and its tale of a scientific discovery exploited by greedy businessmen could have been written today. "Children of the 'Betsy B'" is an effervescent account of what happens when a strange chemical spill brings a boat to life. Malcolm Jameson (1891-1945) began writing only seven years before his death. Yet in that short span he wrote and sold more than 70 novelettes and short stories.

Critic Groff Conklin calls Jameson's work "lively, ingenious and readable." First edition.


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