Barbecue America TV Cookbook

 by Rick Browne

Barbecue America TV Cookbook by Rick Browne book cover
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Whether you say BBQ America or Barbecue America, we are America's program in search of the country's best barbecue! Barbecue America TV Cookbook by Rick Browne is based on BBQ America.

Rick Browne is creator and host of Barbecue America (produced by Wishing Wells Productions, in association with Oregon Public Broadcasting and distributed by American Public Television) as well as an accomplished author, photographer, pitmaster, restaurant critic and consultant, who holds an honorary Doctorate of Barbecue Philosophy degree. He has more than 25 years of assignments spanning the globe contributing articles and photography, mainly on travel and culinary subjects, to a wide variety of domestic and foreign magazines, including Newsweek, People, Canadian Living, Islands, Travel Holiday, Reader's Digest, Maclean's, Sunset, Burda, AQUA, Wine Spectator, Geo, Diversion, Saveur, Saturday Night and Travel & Leisure.


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