Sex and the Avocado

 by Rose Barajas

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Thousands of years ago, the Mayans, Aztecs and Incans believed the Avocado to be an aphrodisiac, and nubile princesses ate them as part of a fertility ritual to enhance their sexually desirability. With its gracious curves, large flesh-colored pit and soft buttery meat, the Avocado represented the intimate joining of a man and a woman to these ancient cultures.

Using recipes handed down to her through generations of her own central-American family, author Rose Barajas unlocks the sensual nature of the Avocado for her readers with easy-to-prepare recipes. What makes them so unique, is that they highlight the natural sensuality of the avocado by combining it with other aphrodisiac-like ingredients, such as garlic, ginger, oysters and hot cayenne pepper.

Surprise your someone special with a candle-light meal and Rose's recipes. They may help to fuel the flames of passion, or at the very least, become the fruit of sensual and enjoyable conversation.

Rose Barajas is a vivacious 70-year old grandmother with 4 children, 9 grandchildren and 3 great-grandchildren. She was 3 years old, when her parents moved from Mexico to Houston, Texas in 1937 to start a family-owned grocery where she learned about the magical properties of Avocados and the other ingredients featured in her sumptuous recipes. Rose owned and operated 2 popular Mexican restaurants in Texas, and is the author of, The Only 105-Plus Guacamole Dip Recipes.


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