Alternative Diabetic

 by Jim Lavene and Joyce Lavene

Alternative Diabetic by Jim Lavene and Joyce Lavene book cover
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At age forty, Jim Lavene became diabetic. It was the turning point of his life and a marker in his family's lives. He wanted answers to his disease that didn't come from a bottle or a syringe. He wanted to understand what was happening to him, mentally, physically, and spiritually. His search took him and his family in exploration of the great adventure of living. What constitutes commitment to life? How does chronic disease affect the person and their loved ones? The answers to these questions are what defines all of us. They are what sets us apart and draws us together. This is more than just one family's story. It is the struggle to survive, spirit intact, through serious illness. It's about learning to live better with an illness, than you have ever lived before.


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