Frequently Asked Questions about eBooks

Frequently asked questions about ebooks and their answers to help you understand ebooks.

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General FAQs About eBooks

  • How old must I be to buy ebooks from this site?

    You can be any age to purchase ebooks from eBookshot. If you are under 18 years of age you must have your parent's or guardian's permission.

  • What different types of eBooks are available?

    There are many available formats for ebooks and each requires specific software for viewing them. Each ebook reader software has different advantages and limitations. Each ebook may be available in multiple formats.

    Only these formats of ebooks are available at eBookshot:-

    • Mobipocket

  • Where do I obtain an ebook reader from?

    You can obtain free ebook readers by visiting the various links on our Free eBook Readers page. Full instructions are given on the eReader sites pages.

    To test your installation of the software, we suggest you download one of many free ebooks available from Mobipocket or the online retailer of your choice.

  • Can I print an ebook?

    Yes you can, if the author has allowed it.

  • How do I find all my favourite authors ebooks?

    You can easily find all the ebooks by your favourite author by clicking on the Author link.

  • What download format do I choose for the Amazon Kindle?

    You can read Mobipocket (.prc) format on the Amazon Kindle.

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