Battle Of The Network Zombies

 by Mark Henry

Battle Of The Network Zombies by Mark Henry book cover
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In Seattle's undead circles, Amanda Feral is one of the beautiful zombies. Of course, when you're socializing with werewolves, devils, and rampaging yetis, there's not that much competition. Still, Amanda has a stylish rep to maintain, which is getting tricky now that her tanking ad agency is obliterating her finances. The fastest way to make some cash: appear on a new reality show, 'American Minions', hosted by lecherous wood nymph Johnny Birch. Classy? Maybe not, but a girl's gotta eat.

With zombie gal pal Wendy posing as her bitchy agent, Amanda settles in to "Minions Mansion," crowded with 24-7 video cameras and undead fame whores. When Johnny is found incinerated in a locked room, Amanda decides to channel her inner Miss Marple (minus the fugly cardigans) and find out who's responsible. Was it Hairy Sue, the white trash stripper yeti? Tanesha, the glamorous trannie werewolf? Angie, the Filipino vampire with a detachable head? Unveiling the culprit in a heart-stopping finale won't just save the show from cancellation, it might just keep Amanda alive-or as close as a ghoul can get. . .

Praise for the novels of Mark Henry

"The supreme supernatural skankfest. Devilish. Demented. Deliciously hilarious." --Mario Acevedo on Road Trip of the Living Dead

"Sexy, funny, and twisted. You've never read anything like this!"--Richelle Mead on Happy Hour of the Damned

"Sharp satire, razor wit, gross-out humor and zombies. Mark Henry hits it out of the park every time." -Lilith Saintcrow, author of Night Shift

"Fun, fun stuff. I'll never think of zombies in quite the same way again. . ."--Patricia Briggs, # 1 New York Times bestselling author


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