Atlantis Cranks Need Not Apply

 by Sarah Avery

Atlantis Cranks Need Not Apply by Sarah Avery book cover
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It's hurricane season on the Jersey Shore, and Jane can't even bring herself to save her old wedding china from the storm that's blowing up the coast. Her covenmates have been doing their best to help her recover from her disastrous marriage-heck, Sophie took her in as a boarder, and Jane's not easy to live with. Rugosa Coven works magic, not miracles, so even though Amber convinced Jane to put up a profile on a dating website, she couldn't persuade her to be any more diplomatic or optimistic than:

Divorced Wiccan Female, 32, seeks realistic rebound guy. Petite and trim brunette. Enjoys the ocean, 19th century novels, long Sunday mornings with the New York Times. Atlantis cranks need not apply.

Seems like something there scares the guys at

Anyhow, it's just as well Jane's not ready to date, because her roommate/landlady/coven sister/whatever Sophie has her eye on the mysterious young man the coven finds washed up on the beach after their last "skyclad" ritual of the year. What is he, really? An Atlantean, or just a lost Greek sailor with, um, gills? Complications like that, Jane doesn't need.

She needs Hurricane Nora to leave her sandbar town unscathed. She needs the guy who might be from Atlantis to go away and take his worldview-disrupting gills with him. Eventually, she needs to meet someone sensible, someone kind, someone who can cope with a woman who's damaged goods.

And she needs the help of her coven, definitely to get through storm season, sometimes just to get through the day. That, at least, she can always count on.


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