Twilight of Kerberos: Night's Haunting

 by Matthew Sprange

Twilight of Kerberos: Night's Haunting by Matthew Sprange book cover
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RRP: £4.42

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"He's dead, Lucuis! Dead! While you were off playing thief, they killed him!"

Thief and Shadowmage, Lucius Kane, has found that his influence and power in the underworld of Turnitia has grown. The thieves' guild is prosperous, and his magical skills have proved a great asset to his peers. His prospects seem boundless, until the Empire of Vos descends upon the City.

Soldiers fill the streets and a new cleric has taken command of the souls of Turnitia's citizens. This strange priest has promised to eradicate the thieves' guild, as well as outlaw unlicensed magic - and the pagan Shadowmages are at the top of his list.

Lucius will come to realise that, once again, a war in the streets of his city must be fought...

A Brand New Lucius Kane Adventure! Also available in the series: Shadowmage, The clockwork king of Orl, The light of heaven, The Crucible of the dragon god, The call of Kerberos.


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