Angels of the Deep

 by Kirby Crow

Angels of the Deep by Kirby Crow book cover
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Becket Merriday is chief of police of the small village of Irenic, New York. For years, Beck’s sedate job has contained little more than traffic tickets and the occasional bar fight, until someone begins murdering beautiful young men in Irenic. The bodies are being found with their hearts cuts out, their heads cut off, and one clue left at every scene: the arcane symbol of a snake twined around a burning tree.

Beck is an atheist, but when he begins experiencing terrifying visions of the distant past, he is forced to confront his disbelief and examine the evidence from an occult angle. What he discovers is an ancient race of immortal beings hunted by an incredibly powerful adversary: the angel Mastema. As the body count rises, Beck and his lieutenant, Sean Logan, find themselves at the center of a deadly supernatural war. To stop the killing, Beck must find the key to his visions and his connection to the immortals, or he may become Mastema’s next victim.


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