by L. R. Saul

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Shenna, girl thief and outlaw, impulsively enters the fray to rescue a group of strangers and receives a near fatal wound for her trouble. As her strength ebbs away she is taken into the mysterious group and nursed back to health. Her path lies ahead with them, or back to the life of a thief. She dare not trust them with her own dark secrets, but neither do they trust her. And so begins a strained companionship and a journey that will reveal shocking truths about each of the members of this unlikely band of travellers. Suddenly pitched against their terrible secrets, Shenna finds herself at the climax of a thousand years of interracial bitterness and bloodshed. She glimpses a mystery that touches on world affairs, dangerous alliances, and a devastating bargain with an ancient and deadly foe. Neither side is able to trust, unaware that within their fragile relationship lies the only hope for a world on the brink of total destruction.


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