Dream Thieves

 by Steven Lee Climer

Dream Thieves by Steven Lee Climer book cover
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Edward Grimm is a talented wood carver living in 18th century Germany. He has made a fine living for himself carving carousel horses for royalty, but his heart and soul are dark. Grimm has never been able to dream, and loathes those who can. His anger at God for denying him this simple pleasure fuels jealousy and hate toward his little nephew who tells Grimm all of his fantastic dreams. Driven insane by this venom, Grimm seeks out the assistance of mysterious gypsy wanderers who give him the secret of capturing his nephew's dreams. Through the use of forbidden magic, Grimm seals his nephew in the most exquisite wood grain and places him upon a carousel. There, Grimm waits as his nephew's dreams come to visit and find out why he hasn't called upon them. Dream after dream is captured by Grimm, sealed in wood, and placed upon the carousel for his personal pleasure.


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