Overseer's Island

 by B. C. Baze Jr

Overseer's Island by B. C. Baze Jr book cover
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Jack Murphy has been tormented by nightmares of death -- his death in past lives -- for as long as he can remember. Reliving those last moments in painful detail: while the scenes change, the end is always the same; murdered by a stranger come out of nowhere, without warning and without reason. Jack has been reduced to a shell of a man; going through the motions of life as he waits for death. It will be soon now. It will be quick, it will be violent, and he will be dead. Even then it will not be the end. He will not move on. He will be born again into the world, a new face, a new name, but the same end. In the life he leads now, his only friend is Carl Langum, an old man who is more than he appears to be. When the stranger does come and Jack is attacked, Carl intervenes and prevents his murder. They flee to Carl's encampment where Jack discovers their meeting was not an accident. Carl shares knowledge of truths lost to the rest of mankind. Jack learns of the Land's Energy; a way of communicating with the world, and tapping into Her power. When the Viraki come again to finish their kill, Carl, in desperation, opens a gateway through time, sending them back to where it all started...


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