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  • What is an ebook?

    eBooks are quite simply books in a data file format that can be read by various widely available readers. This means that the books can be produced without harm to the environment, since paper is no longer required. Also, ebooks can now be read on mobile phones, PDAs and virtually any computer making them the literary equivalent of mp3's!

  • What are the benefits of ebooks?

    • Your collection is private and can be held on a password protected computer.

    • Your complete collection can be held on a small mobile device. Literally a library in your pocket.

    • There are readers available that turn an ebook into a talking book. Great for the visually impaired.

    • Eco friendly, no trees destroyed to produce paper. Every little counts, so to speak.

    • Can be read under the bed covers without the light on.

  • Do I need a computer to read an eBook?

    There are many available formats for ebooks and each format requires special software and hardware for viewing them.

    You will require a computer and an Internet connection to download the ebook file.

  • Why are your prices in GB Pounds?

    eBookshot is opperated by UK based Infomedia UK Ltd. For our friends in the US we include the equivalent $ price and this is updated every few hours. Your card statement will show the $ amount at the exchange rate on the day when the clearing bank processed the transaction and this may vary slighty from our shown $ price.