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In a fascinating re-imagination of the Trojan War, the end of ancient Goddess worship, and the battles between Olympian gods, author Kristina O'Donnelly tells the story of Andromakhe, wife of Hector, hero of Troy, and a woman blessed or cursed with the ability to sense the gods. From her youth, when she accepts a gift from the ancient mother Goddess, to the fall and rape of Troy, Andromakhe stands firm in an attempt to confound the fates and save her loved ones as well as her adopted city. O'Donnelly takes the immortal tale of Troy - gods, heroes, and battles, but gives us the woman's take. The strong women that are victimized by the violence, yet survive and ultimately rise above it. Here, the violent male-centered story of The Iliad has a female perspective. Men get the glory, women do the suffering (men suffer too, of course, but it's often their choice--women have fewer choices, and had fewer yet in those ancient days).

Completing the ANDROMAKHE Cycle, Volume II (included) tells of Andromakhe in captivity, held as concubine by the son of Achilles, hated by Hermione, daughter of Hellen, and constantly in danger of being murdered. Still, Andromakhe fights not only for her own survival, but to find her lost son, Skamandrios, and in hopes of creating a new home for the Trojans dispersed and enslaved by the conquest of their city by the Greeks. History, magic, gods, and heroes collide as Andromakhe is propelled toward her final destiny.


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