Funeral in Babylon

 by Max Overton

Funeral in Babylon by Max Overton book cover
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Alexander the Great has returned from India and set up his court in Babylon, already planning the conquest of the West. Nikometros and Tomyra, together with a band of loyal Scythians, leave the northern plains to journey deep into the heart of Persia, to join the Royal court at Babylon. But even here, in the center of the Macedonian World Empire, the bloodstained hand of a dead king reaches out for them. Nikometros finds himself embroiled in the intrigues and wars of kings, generals, and merchant adventurers as he strives to provide a safe haven for his loved ones. Treason is in the wind and the fate of an Empire hangs in the balance. Envoys from all nations of the known world gather at Alexander's Court, and Nikometros must balance friendship and duty as the omens multiply. Death walks beside him as events precipitate a Funeral in Babylon.


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