Advanced Swearing Handbook

 by Mark Leigh and Mike Lepine

Advanced Swearing Handbook by Mark Leigh and Mike Lepine book cover
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Uncut, uncensored and totally outrageous, this guide to profanity old and new includes the most offensive song titles, the nastiest names for private parts, and the most unfortunate place names from Arsoli to Wetwang. Prepare to be amazed, shocked and highly amused, as the unapologetic Kings of Cussing show that swearing can be very funny indeed. Mike Lepine and Mark Leigh have collaborated on numerous TV comedy and trivia-based shows and have written more than 30 humorous books together including How to be a Real Man (with Julian Clary), The Politically Incorrect Handbook, How to be a Complete Bastard (so obscene that questions were asked in the House of Commons), How to be a Complete Bitch, The Really Rude Holiday Guide and You Know You're a Child of the Eighties When...


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