Apathy - A Cause Not Worth Fighting For

 by Simon Satori Hendley

Apathy - A Cause Not Worth Fighting For by Simon Satori Hendley book cover
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Apathy is neither an enemy nor an illusion.
It's just a fact of life. Not to be confused with laziness (a reluctance to exert oneself), apathy is indifference, a lack of passion for a subject and the many advantages of being apathetic are explored in this book. Embrace your apathetic nature! Enjoy being a dilly-dallier, a fence-sitter, a procrastinator! Apathy has been around and documented since the Greeks. In fact, they first gave us the word apathy: the prefix 'a' meaning 'without' and 'pathy' meaning 'passion' or 'intense feeling'. Flip through this book and, apart from a great history of the subject, you'll read about great hobbies for the apathetic (sleeping, drinking, watching TV, shrugging, sitting looking at walls), stupid causes, ideal occupations (monarch, student, priest, customer service operator, politician) and much much more!


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