Dark Drink and Conversation

 by Thomas Kennedy

Dark Drink and Conversation by Thomas Kennedy book cover
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In the warmth of Mulligans, a cosy Irish pub where the Barman knows everything there is to know about serving pints of Guinness, as well as everything there is to know about nearly everything else, one might have supposed that the dramas of real life could be left behind.

No so. From the comfort of Mulligans "snug", all the problems of everyday living are presented, debated, and resolved. Whether it's the traumas suffered by Fitzer the Flasher, Kathy the Dominatrix, Crazy Mary, the Burglar, the Builder, the Corporation Man, the Green Man, the Curate, the Priest, the Sergeant or even the fearsome Chapter of Mothers of Seven or More Children, a division of the Legion of Irish Catholic Mothers, it will find its solution over a pint or three of dark drink.

"Dark Drink and Conversation" may be the funniest book of the decade, and yet behind the humour there are compelling stories and more than a grain of truth and reality in the characters, the mysteries, the triumphs and the disasters.


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