Halloween at Grant-Williams High

 by Vera Nazarian

Halloween at Grant-Williams High by Vera Nazarian book cover
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It's Halloween, and kickass high school monster mayhem is once again unleashed at Grant-Williams High. In the second adventure--and a Fictionwise original--Jimmy Ross is now a sophomore and he is about to get a taste of the scariest and wildest Halloween of his life. Emily has graduated and gone to college, Jimmy's best friend Theo is hanging with the bad crowd, there's a new girl in school who's the butt of everyone's jokes, and something really stinks on the Grant-Williams school premises--stinks literally. At midnight on Halloween, Jimmy and the gang will find out exactly what it is (not curry!), and that possibly it's an evil that's even greater than Satan. Second in the "Grant-Williams High" comic horror adventure series of connected works, and sequel to "Hell Week at Grant-Williams High". [Cover image photo by Lazette Gifford. Used by permission.]


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