Hill of Beans

 by Jim Whitaker

Hill of Beans by Jim Whitaker book cover
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"This is one of those books you read for fun. It will brighten the day of the reader." - Reviewed by Debra Gaynor for ReviewyourBook.com

Take a break in life's daily bothers.
Try being a man who Nature won't allow to get pregnant, but has no problem forcing him to deliver a bouncing baby gallbladder in the maternity ward.
Try being a husband who knows exactly what he's doing - and why - all the time. It's just that his wife is three steps ahead of him and he thinks it's only two.
Try being a father whose daughter has grown up in the pages of the local newspaper and is secretly pleased - but won't let him know it -- to be acknowledged as the reason he buys aspirin by the industrial drum.
Try being a grandfather whose first grandbaby locked up his heart at the first ultrasound.
Try being an observer of people who sees dumb IQ tests, inedible email spam, unfathomable reincarnation, confusing politics, unsuccessful gardening and plenty other of life's foibles as a bountiful harvest of humor.
Try being someone who knows life matters much more than a hill of beans. It's just that those beans really add up.


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