Par For The Corpse

 by T. K. Sheils

Par For The Corpse by T. K. Sheils book cover
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Oona Blackwell (nee Wdnyzkoscdckyzny) had her mind set on winning the local ladies' golf tournament and going on to the District Finals. Indeed, it seems, even death cannot stop her, for when her body is discovered, murdered, on the fourteenth tee, she has apparently scored a par-after her death on the thirteenth hole.

Hunter Knox is a faceless amateur sleuth whom no one can remember unless they think he's someone else or they have made love to him. Thus when Melonie Price, Games Captain at the Carleigh Falls Golf and Country Club, calls on him to solve Oona's murder, one immediately knows into which category she falls. In the course of his investigation, Hunter adopts many roles, including that of an expert on the Rules of the Royal and Ancient Game and Country Singer Horne Payne. And his investigations are assisted-or obstructed?-by such characters as Oona's two sisters and a brother (Duella, Tracy, and Forsythe Wdnyzkoscdckyzny) and the local semi-retired policeman, Elmer Fitkin (or, possibly Firkin).

Can Hunter find the killer without being accosted, interrupted or discovering yet another body? Par For The Corpse-another improbable, hilarious Hunter Knox romp of a mystery.


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