A Knife In My Back

 by Sam Merwin Jr

A Knife In My Back by Sam Merwin Jr book cover
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The first outing of Amelia Winslow Brewster ("Amy" to her friends), the elephantine, cigar-smoking, blue-blooded genius of a detective! This novel finds her in a battle of wits with an unknown killer who has neatly framed her nephew. You'll howl with delight as the icon-toppling Amy tackles stuffed-shirts, law enforcement, gargantuan gourmet meals and crime with equal aplomb. Another rollicking Amy Brewster classic from the glory days of the 1940s. Legendary detective-novelist Sam Merwin, Jr.'s A Knife in My Back begins when Christopher Horton is given the shocking news that, "You're not going to die after all!" by a great heart specialist. Buoyed by the meeting, Chris returns home to find the body of his lawyer's secretary, Lolly Parker, sprawled on his floor with a knife in her back. Clearly someone close to Chris, who stands to profit from his death has framed him neatly for murder. But who? Enter Amy Brewster, cigar in hand, sprinkling curses as liberally as she spreads caviar on a cracker. Can the 1/8th ton Amy move quickly enough to spot and stop the killer before he or she strikes again? Or will she, too, end up with a knife in the back. "I prize the work of Sam Merwin, Jr., especially his Amy Brewster mysteries." Dashiell Hammett.


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