A Point of Murder

 by Bob Liter

A Point of Murder by Bob Liter book cover
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The Private Eye So Tough He Doesn't Carry a Gun! Nick Bancroft uncovers a web of corruption when his young protégé is gruesomely murdered. Bancroft, a Chicago journalist, has returned to his hometown, Central City, Illinois. His peaceful, nonproductive existence is disrupted by his stormy love affair with Maggie Atley. Add to that the life-threatening complications that follow when Bobby Scalf's body is found in an alley with a spike in the temple. Nick becomes a suspect when the second murder victim is found in the abandoned building where the boy lived. But Nick, who doesn't carry a gun, finds himself face to face with the killer, when he discovers a conspiracy that includes the town council, the school board, the police chief and the local newspaper publisher. Can he survive, armed only with desperation?


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