Bagels for Tea

 by Rayanne Moore and Serita Stevens

Bagels for Tea by Rayanne Moore and Serita Stevens book cover
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A Fannie Zindel Mystery

Almost any sixtyish widow and grandmother would want to rest and recuperate after solving an international case of murder and intrigue ( Red Sea, Dead Sea ), but not Fanny Zindel. Shortly after her safe return home, she's off to Yorkshire, England, as the B'nai Brith representative to the Clifford's Tower Memorial service. The trip to York provides the perfect opportunity to visit her beloved granddaughter, horse-crazy Susan, who is attending the nearby Taddington Agricultural Boarding School. Of course, mayhem follows Fanny wherever she goes, and before she has even checked into her hotel, she has broken up a domestic squabble and found a new friend also attending the conference. The visit is going wonderfully until Mary Louise Malbys, a malicious classmate, engineers Susan's expulsion from school. Matters go from bad to worse when Mary Louise is murdered and Susan is the prime suspect. Mistrusting the efforts of the local police, Fanny launches into an investigation of her own with the reluctant assistance of Nathan Weiss, the semi-retired Mossad agent who had come from Israel, at Susan's urging, for a surprise visit with Fanny. Clearing Susan is not so easy, especially considering the sheer number of people with motive and opportunity for doing away with the nasty Mary Louise. Once again, though, Fanny's insight and determination put her on the right track to trapping the killer in a very sticky situation.


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