Death By Chocolate

 by Nadalia Bagratuni

Death By Chocolate by Nadalia Bagratuni book cover
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Candy Matson, San Francisco P.I. is a former super model turned gum shoe. She has money, looks, and packs a punch. She is a female James Bond. Her boy friend is Lt. Ray Mallard.

This story starts out with Candy Matson moving homes in the exclusive Telegraph Hill area of San Francisco. On moving day, Mallard is called to investigate a murder across the Bay in Haight Ashbury district. Matson decides to go see Mallard, but on the way she discovers four dead bodies on her own. These bodies are different. They all died of radiation poisoning from a nuclear bomb. How did they get nuclear fallout in San Francisco?

Mallard and Matson come across the fact that Japan did have the nuclear bomb and exploded a bomb in Korea on April 12, 1945. The United States according to Mallard knew this and had to change history. Death by Chocolate includes: spies, government conspiracies, romance, and a hint of altered states. With Candy Matson on the case, you too will love Death by Chocolate.

Candy Matson: Late 20's former super model- martial arts expert

Lt. Mallard: Late 20's Stanford graduate, police man with an attitude. He doesn't trust the government and has written a book on the government conspiracies only to find out that he is now the target of the people he was trying to expose.

In Death by Chocolate, we see the layers of government and take a slice of what it would be like if we decided to take on the government.

The Candy Matson Mysteries


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