New to eBooks

OK, so you are new to electronic books. Let us tell you about this exciting new technology.

'Electronic Books' - 'E-Books' - or simply 'eBooks'

The 21st century is here! Information and technology are progressing at an incredible speed every second of every day. There are many reasons why more and more fans of literature are changing to ebooks instead of their paperback counter-parts. The question the un-converted reader must ask is simply "Why eBooks"?

Why an electronic book?


Electronic books ebooks can now be read on PDAs, purpose built eReaders, small mobile computers and even mobile phones, making them the literary equivalent of mp3's!


An electronic title at eBookshot is anywhere from 40-75% less than the cover price of the exact same title in paperback format. Why? Cold mathematics. It is less expensive to publish an ebook than it is to publish a paperback, so the savings are passed along to the consumer.


Running out of room for paperbacks on your bookshelf? You will never have that worry with electronic novels. Store literally thousands on your home pc, hundreds on a single cd. Or, for a low one-time cost you can purchase a handheld computer specifically designed for reading ebooks. Many e-readers are larger than the average handheld, giving you plenty of screen room. The screens are designed to make the pages as real as posible. Better yet, hundreds of titles can be stored within your new library.


Your new ebook library now consists of only tiny files, your entire collection of books can be taken with you wherever you go. You never have to run out of reading material whist on holiday ever again!

Personal Preferences

Personal preferences are catered for. Are the words you are currently reading too small? Too Large? Too... ANNOYING ? eBooks books can be modified to suit personal preferences but their paper cousins cannot.


The way you read a book is not the only advancement the Information Age has gifted the literary community with. There is also the factor of what you can read. Many titles available at eBookshot are not available in paperback or hardback books.

Instant Availablity

Even in the middle of the night when all the bookstores are closed? Are you tired of waiting days, sometimes weeks for bookstores to ship the novels you bought? Once your credit card payment has been processed, usually a matter of seconds, you can immediately download your ebook. At eBookshot you can download ebooks 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Eco Friendly

Electronic books can be produced without harm to the environment. No trees are destroyed to produce paper and no irreplaceable fossil fuels are used to deliver the ebook.

These are a few of the top reasons why electronic books are replacing paperbacks for many an avid reader.