A Welsh Ghost Story

 by David Boulton and Noelle Boulton

A Welsh Ghost Story by David Boulton and Noelle Boulton book cover
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This is a newly created Celtic ghost story that should be read whilst sitting beneath a tartan blanket, preferably on a dark night, while a fire blazes, and a horseshoe hangs over the door - to keep out the ghoulies.

The year is 1846. Heathwood House rests in the valley region near to the Welsh town of Cardiff. An ominous housekeeper, Mrs Taurntan, a truly terrifying gardener, Mr Edwards, the woman in the crimson walking-cloak, Miss Williams, a vain and fickle neighbour, Lady Filchmore, and the master of Heathwood House, who is dying of consumption, Terrence Heathwood ....... all await the arrival of the woman who has lost her father to the disease that the potato famine in Ireland has caused. - She is to be the master's bride.

Are the inhabitants of Heathwood House becoming trapped within its very walls? Are the living being driven mad by forces that permeate the very air of Heathwood House? Have the sorrows of Terrance Heathwood's ancestors .... started to come back to life within the walls of Heathwood House? Will the living survive within the walls of Heathwood House?

Put on your slippers, make some tea, and enjoy this old-fashioned, gothic-style, Celtic ghost-story ..... if you like ..... if you dare. Aye, and don't forget to have a tin of biscuits handy; that's optional, or course, but it's always comforting to have a tin of biscuits close by!


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