Redemption Lost

 by Zoe E. Whitten

Redemption Lost by Zoe E. Whitten book cover
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Sometimes the only difference between good and evil is the side you're standing on when the battle starts...

The masterminds behind the viral experiments have put together a team of elite soldiers led jointly by Eric Richter and Stephen Collins, a powerful telepath who can control people to do his bidding. Their first mission is to complete a series of ritual sacrifices in Tucson that will lure Wendy, Jamie, and Jobe into a trap.

With the bait taken, Stephen manipulates the trio into a meeting with Jobe's sister, Amber McKenzie, using her to drive a wedge between Wendy and Jobe. Stephen works to keep the vigilantes at odds with each other, while the elites attempt to frame FBI agents Gavin Lebowitz and Stephanie Callaghan for murder.

Just when things can't seem worse, Jobe is taken. Then despite the efforts of Amber and her friends, Wendy is captured as well. Both will be forced to confront the evils they've committed in pursuit of revenge, and both will be made an offer they can't refuse. Only one will agree to work for the elites, a decision that could cost them their life.

But the elites have powerful enemies who have also taken an interest in Jobe and Wendy, and while they prepare for an attack on the Tucson base of operations, Amber and her friends are planning a rescue attempt of their own. Even with the help of these unexpected allies, will it be possible to shut down the elites and stop the rituals for good?

Campaign Trilogy: Part Three


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