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Regret and denial haunt the ghost town of Revenant. It is the last chance for the living to give the dead the gift of freedom. The pedophile, the mother who talks to her dead children, the father with an image of his son before the accident, the little boy yearning for his birth mother, and a girl mourning her phantom aborted baby, all congregate in Revenant for the final judgment. Either let them go or spend eternity in a vast wasteland, endlessly floating. There is a presence in Revenant: ancient, powerful and hungry. To indulge her endless suffering, she must feed on the souls of the tormented. All she has to do is wait, and they will be drawn to her for a final kiss. Welcome to Revenant, enjoy your stay in the land of the dead.

"Melanie Tem may well be the literary successor to Shirley Jackson and be destined to become the new queen of high-quality, psychologically disturbing horror fiction." - Dan Simmons, author of SUMMER OF NIGHT


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